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  • FREE shipping certified Mail for U.S only and FREE overseas shipping!



  •  Certified Mail provides the sender with proof of mailing and proof of delivery. The service provides electronic verification via email that an article was delivered. The proof of delivery record (copy of the recipient's signature) is kept at the USPS Post Office two years from the date of mailing.

  • Certified Mail, a service offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS), provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Proof of mailing and delivery: The sender receives a receipt with information about the delivery, including the recipient's signature

  • Security: The contents of certified mail are insured up to $5,000 in case the items are lost or damaged during delivery

  • Tracking: Certified mail provides delivery tracking so you know when the item is delivered

  • Legal documentation: Certified Mail is great for legal matters – crucial in case of disputes or court proceedings

  • Peace of mind: You'll know it arrived and when

  • Professionalism: For businesses, it adds a touch of professionalism

  • Strengthening business relationships: Certified Mail instills trust and confidence in the delivery process

  • Maintaining accurate records: Certified Mail ensures that businesses can maintain accurate records


  • Overseas shipping info we ship worldwide for free with no extra shipping FEES!

  • Shipping time of delivery transit time US 2 - 3 business days - Overseas 7 - 10 business days.

  • All orders are tracked by USPS detail tracking info.

  • Please note that orders can be delayed due to slow shipping for our products DUE to Covid 19 delays!


  • Demonstration:




  • Provides the date and time of delivery or attempted delivery and the name of the person who signed for the item. You can request a printed copy of the signature. A lower price is available when you print Priority Mail postage from

  • PLEASE NOTE: Your order will not be left at the door less someone or you sign for it. For more info contact the USPS at 1 (800) 275-8777


  • POLICY for correct shipping address: Please note we are not responsible for addresses that do not match your PAYPAL or financial institution account or accounts this fall fully on the responsibility of the behalf on the buyer or buyers!

  • POLICY  Address change signature permission slip will be needed when requesting to be shipped to a different address that is not registered on your financial institute or PAYPAL account or accounts. PLEASE NOTE we will need a name signature permission slip.  ( example with your signature ) to proceed with the process with the change of the address. PLEASE NOTE when requesting an address edited change customer or customers must give a same day  ( NOTICE! )


  • If exceeds the limit of shipping time US  2 - 3 business days. 

  • and after a thorough investigation. If your package shows no sign of movement, we will begin the process of shipping you out a new order.


  • Free shipping is only eligible through USPS (ONLY ) 

  • any other shipping carriers will be paid by the customers.


  • Processing time for 5 gallons 2 - 3 business days anything larger will be 5 - 7 business or longer depending on the size of the orders.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID materials used to design your product may delay in which you will be informed if this does become an issue.




  • A batch number is a designation given to products made in the same manufacturing run. A batch number can consist of numerals, letters, or symbols, and it allows the items to be traced after they've been distributed for your home theater projector screen setups


    Penalties for violating our batch numbers!


    Fines and penalties for slandering our company batch number. 

  • Individual or individuals will be prosecuted in a small claims court if found guilty will be fined up to $1 million

  • This also includes criminal charges,  civil lawsuits, and significant fines. They may also be subject to prison sentences and have their assets seized for committing fraud against our company.

  • Demonstration:


  • All returns will be tested live by YouTube PLEASE NOTE! any customers info will not be exposed in the process of video tests evaluation.

  • NOTE! returns can only be exchanged for the same screen or screen paint that you order if proven that the product was of the wrong color or size or was defected if so, shipping cost will be paid by the buyer and return shipping will be paid by the seller. NOTE!  We are not responsible for how your orders is handle while in shipping transportation. Orders that maybe damage or lost are fully on the part of the USPS and not of ( CRYSTAL EDGE TECHNOLOGY SCREENS and BLACK SERIES EDITION when shipping is in transit, we are not responsible for bad weather such as acts of God. PLEASE NOTE! THERE ARE NO RETURN ON CUT OR USED BLACKOUT CLOTHS!




  • U.S tracking numbers/ Processing Time information:

  • You will receive a tracking number as soon as your order has been shipped out.

  • All orders are processed within 2 - 3 business days less the product or products used to make your order are delayed due to COVID or or back order products after your order has been fully completed an email will be sent confirming your order has been shipped out displaying your tracking number and carrier information. 


  • Return if found defective or not as described, wrong size or color shipping will be paid by the buyer and returns will be made by the seller.  By making this transaction you are fully aware and knowledgeable of the policy that you just read and fully acknowledge of our companies' policies and conditions before placing your order.


  • Early cancellation policy or buyer's remorse under our website policy, agreements and terms we will not be held accountable for buyer's remorse or early cancellation once your order is placed due to the time, resources and expenses that went into customizing your order.  Under our websites policy for buyer's remorse and early cancellation our company will not be responsible for your actions on these terms.  Please Note! your order is made to order processing your product cost our company time and money. By making this transaction you have agreed to our terms and policies posted on our website and are fully knowledgeable of your actions.

Ship-back policy:

Ship-back policy is when we request the customer to ship the item back so we can do a live unboxing video on the product YOULIVE all products are properly tested YouTube live demonstrations. Please note that the customer's information and address or name is not mentioned in the ship back testing videos. Products will be tested based on claim and more once testing is completed customer will be contacted back on the results.

Refusal of ship back request:
if customer refuses shipped back request and continues violate our company's products on social media on false accusations about our products without proof will results illegal action.

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